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what's for breakfast?


Posted 10:57 am, 08/15/2019

Jelly biscuit and coffee


Posted 9:54 am, 08/14/2019

Oatmeal, toast with apricot preserves, and coffee


Posted 11:49 am, 08/13/2019

LOL! I do like corn anyway, especially cornflakes. But, today, I was starved since breakfast was late, so I had eggs, bacon, grits and toast with black, hot coffee--so good😊.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 12:15 pm, 08/11/2019

I once knew a lady who ate a lot of cornflakes.
They gave her the shudders; they gave her the shakes.
A serious affliction that only The Old Dog could treat,
With biscuits and gravy and lots of cured out hog meat.

Her condition seemed to improved the more that she ate
And completely disappeared as she sopped up her plate
She then said Old Dog just as sure as you were born
I've ate my last breakfast of flakes made from corn!


Posted 9:29 am, 08/11/2019

Banana and coffee


Posted 10:09 am, 08/10/2019

bacon and egg sandwih and coffee


Posted 10:10 am, 08/09/2019

Cornflakes with banana and coffee


Posted 10:56 am, 08/08/2019

Fresh cream corn and hot biscuit, and coffee


Posted 9:35 am, 08/04/2019

I have time for an egg sausage biscuit and coffee before going to church.


Posted 10:56 am, 08/03/2019

well geesh, I had a bowl of cold cereal

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 10:25 am, 08/03/2019

With all the stuff I thought about pickin
I settled on eggs laid by a good chicken.
Fried , scrambled, boiled or turned over light,
They taste mighty good down to the last bite.

Add a little hog meat fried up in a pan
Stir up your bread dough as best as you can
Hot coffee on the side would be the very thing
To make this breakfast just fit for a king!


Posted 9:16 am, 08/03/2019

Oatmeal and coffee


Posted 10:51 am, 08/02/2019

Ate at restaurant this morning. I really enjoy breakfast out and had my usual eggs, bacon, grits, toast and coffee.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 9:12 am, 08/01/2019

Flapjacks, assuage , sourwood honey and lots of strong black coffee.


Posted 8:33 am, 08/01/2019

Grilled egg salad sandwich and coffee


Posted 11:21 am, 07/31/2019

Oatmeal, toast and Jelly.


Posted 8:58 am, 07/31/2019

warm pound cake and coffee


Posted 10:21 am, 07/29/2019

Sausage biscuit and coffee


Posted 8:24 am, 07/27/2019

Toast and blackberry preserves and coffee. I have a lot to keep me on the go today!


Posted 10:04 am, 07/26/2019

Oatmeal with blueberries, toast and coffee

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