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This is very bad news for NC and deer hunters


Posted 8:52 am, 04/12/2022

Well krazy, I see you completely missed the point of Billy's questions

Green Arrow

Posted 6:32 am, 04/12/2022

Dog do you always have to attack me on any subject?? Are you that AFRAID of me. My point is that Billy may not care but some do. If things continue in this country and with Biden warning of a food shortage people may havve to hunt, fish, and eat what they can get. The ebt is,about to drop the extra covid boost in the next several montha if it is not extended. Food prices along with gas is skyrocketing. Now you might be able to cruise down to the local bank and withdraw tins of money but sime cannot. Food banks are already doing all they can. Where do you think people on fixed incomes are going to get extra money set up a printer and make it or use monopoly money??? Some people had better start caring because hungry people will revolt and TAKE what they need. Maybe that is what it will take to straighten this country out a good civil war not with north against the south but poor against the rich and I fear some are going to find out thete are more poor than rich fat cats


Posted 8:45 pm, 04/11/2022

And why do we care if your family hunts deer like half of Ashe county does?

Green Arrow

Posted 6:28 pm, 04/11/2022

Billy, its not only going to be the deer. They are now watching the avian flu and fear it will destroy the poultry industry. My brothers hubt deer and use the meat. Deer hunting has ots place although there are some I could mention that give hinting a bad name. Some should at least wait until a deer has its diapers off before blasting i with a muzzle loader.


Posted 12:29 am, 04/11/2022

For those of us who don't eat venison - why should we care? For those of you who do - well, why�?


Posted 8:51 pm, 04/10/2022

It takes time for the wildlife to test all the samples they get. But I saw this released probably 3 weeks ago


Posted 8:43 pm, 04/10/2022

When times get hard there is a lot of deer meat to be had around here. I love venison meat.

Joseph T.

Posted 8:38 pm, 04/10/2022

It is wide spread west of here and will be here before long


Posted 7:25 pm, 04/10/2022

Sounds like a lot to learn about how transmission in the population goes from deer to deer, seems like these "prions" are all over the place and stay around for years.

Pretty strange stuff, hopefully it's not a widespread issue.


Posted 5:21 pm, 04/10/2022


Posted 5:15 pm, 04/10/2022

Can this be passed on to humans through consumption?


Posted 4:31 pm, 04/10/2022

Oh, OK. I just read what Joseph posted.


Posted 4:24 pm, 04/10/2022

Spitfire the article said the sample was sent in by a taxidermist, The hunter may have kept the head in his freezer some time before taking it to the taxidermist


Posted 4:13 pm, 04/10/2022

The deer was shot in December, and it took them 4 months to say anything?? There's been a lot of people eating deer since December!


Posted 4:12 pm, 04/10/2022

Talk about tsudip...deer live in herds...they lick/clean each other...bed down close together...eat together and so on...

social distanceing? Imao

Baiting keeps bringing large number of deer together in the same small area day after day where ordinarily they would be dispersed over a wider area to search for food If it didnt attract large numbers of deer why would hunters go tru the expense and take time to do it?

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 11:29 am, 04/10/2022

And it is also very bad news for the deer.


Posted 11:07 am, 04/10/2022



Posted 10:24 am, 04/10/2022

Ah, I hurt killer's feelings again! Killer has a problem with actual experts doing their jobs and loves to second guess them to make herself feel safe.

Killer, other than in a few select pockets, the deer population isn't over populated. They are herd animals that do congregate together. But unnatural food sources like bait piles and food plots intended to attract deer cause them to congregate in unnatural higher density formats. Larger numbers and closer than normal. If you see deer in a field naturally grazing, they will be scattered around the field. But at a bait pile they will be almost touching. It's not complicated to understand.


Posted 8:45 am, 04/10/2022

Talk about tsudip...deer live in herds...they lick/clean each other...bed down close together...eat together and so on...

social distanceing? lmao


Posted 12:02 am, 04/10/2022

Joe, if anything good comes out of this, it will be putting a stop to the moroons on Beech mountain feeding 100lbs of corn a week.

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